Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Abigail, our oldest daughter, is now a high school graduate!  We homeschooled her all the way through her school years.  I cannot believe that she has finished!  I have had a really hard time the last several months knowing that she was almost finished.  Our homeschool group has a really nice graduation ceremony and they have the parents do a video for graduation.  They have pictures up on a screen from the time the child is a baby through their senior pictures.  Each parent records a message to their child that they play during the video.  I wrote mine several weeks ago and I was practicing it and had my daughter, Lydia, listen to me.  I couldn't get through a single sentence without crying!  I knew graduation would be hard so I tried to prepare myself.  Since my mom died last year so it has been hard for Abigail and for me to know that she wouldn't be there to celebrate with her. 

Also, one of the moms in charge of graduation called Abigail a few weeks ago and asked her if she would be willing to give the graduation speech.  She was so nervous but really excited to be able to do it.  She did an awesome job!  I couldn't believe how great she did and I couldn't help but think how proud my mom would have been of her.  I cried during her speech but I held it together better than I thought I would have. 

My mother and father-in-law came up from Georgia to spend the weekend with us and attend Abigail's graduation and Annie's baby dedication on Sunday morning.  It was so nice to have them here.  It made the weekend extra special and they thoroughly enjoyed spending time with our kids.  I am so thankful to have such great in-laws that love our kids so much!

If anyone can tell me how to enlarge the pictures I post, please leave a comment.  I googled it and the tutorial I followed was extremely time consuming!
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  1. I'm glad I found you here. It must be so exciting to have one child graduated--a bit scary too I'm sure!

    The photos are beautiful, and I haven't got a clue about how to make them bigger.

    Karen (I'm signing in with a link to my other blog, not the xanga one.)