Friday, August 16, 2013

Moved in, Unpacked, & Remodeling

We are in our house!  We moved into our house almost two weeks ago and it has been non-stop ever since!  Moving is overwhelming and even though we've done it a lot over the last four years, I'd forgotten all that has to be done!  The thing I hate the most is changing our address and phone number with every institution we have a connection with!  I'm still in the process of doing that and it has been complicated by the fact that Charter messed up our phone line and it has taken almost two weeks and two different numbers to get it working. 
Lydia uploaded my pictures for me.  The first ones are some when we were working in the house before we moved in.  We've made a lot of progress but still have tons more to do!  The kitchen hasn't been remodeled for quite some time so that is where we have the most work to do.  We are redoing the cabinets, countertops and Scott put in new flooring.  I'll post pictures when it's complete but I wanted to post these to show how bad it is!
Scott's mom and dad came up last weekend and were a huge help!  Jan took care of Annie and entertained everyone outside so we could unpack and work in the house.  Larry fixed all of our doors so they close now!  He also cut almost our entire yard for us!  Thank-you so much!!!  Y'all were such a big help to us!
The pictures at the bottom are for Lily Kate's 4th bday (last month).  I am going to put large prints of the kids in our living room so I'm trying to get updated pictures of everyone.  Annie has a dress that matches Lily Kate's so we had to get a few pictures of them together in their matching dresses!
I don't know why,, but I can only enlarge the first picture that I post.  I have tried to figure out what the problem is but Lydia said her blog is the same way.
Below is a picture of the master bedroom.
The living room with numerous paint samples.  We finally decided on one that is close to the color it already was!  The floor after Scott sanded it but before the stain and polyurethane were applied. 

The picture below is in the dining room looking into the kitchen  It doesn't do justice to how outdated the kitchen really is!
He loves her so much!!!

Lily Kate 4 years old!

Annie 11 months!

                                                         Silly Lily!
Sometime I hope to have time to write about how the Lord worked out all of the things regarding our move.  He sold our house in THREE days and provided this house when we were at our w.its end about finding one in our budget that would meet our needs.  He really has done "exceedingly abundantly above all" that we prayed for!


  1. Overwhelming, yes, but awesome!!!

  2. That's wonderful! I loved seeing the photos. Be assured your kitchen may be outdated, but it isn't as outdated as mine is...:) But I'm not envious.

    Isn't it exciting when we see how the Lord has provided for us so abundantly!