Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Goodbye & Hello~

What a week this has been so far and it's only Tuesday!  Our move to Nashville has crept up on me, even though we have known since early this year that we would be moving. 
Our closing on our house here in Ky was supposed to happen yesterday but has been delayed until Friday.  The movers are coming in the morning to start packing, so we are busy packing up things we will need before our things are delivered to our new house.  There's no way to describe moving a family of 9 except that it is utter chaos!  It hit me a couple of hours ago that it's going to be quite a while before we have any semblance of order in our home again. 
We have only lived here for a little over two years but we have really enjoyed our home here and have made some really great friends that we will miss dearly.  Here are some of my favorite pictures taken by our realtor.  I am glad I have them now since it's a complete mess and I can't get anymore!



And here are a couple of pictures from our new home.  I'm so, so excited about living here!  It was built in 1919 and has so much character.  I started really loving old houses when we lived in an older house in south Ga. before we moved to Ky.
Front view~
Side view~

The house is in good condition but we will be pulling up carpet and refinishing the hardwood floors and also remodeling the kitchen, so there is a lot of work facing us once we get down there.  I will post before pictures once we get moved and will post pictures as we make progress. 



  1. So cool to see house photos! I'll be looking forward to your before and afters.

  2. Sorry, could have put my Blogger address on here instead. I am in both places, but have had the wordpress blog longer.

  3. Omigosh, I am so excited you are blogging with Blogger, so now I can actually keep up with your posts!!! :-) (Xanga would never let me connect)

    As always, sending you moving mercies and love!!!!

  4. Oooh, moving is such hard work!! I've only moved a couple of times, but not with a large family! The upside is that you have children who can help so much! :) I hope the moving goes well, and I love the new house!!

  5. oh, wow! i LOVE your new place!! that reminds me of the style homes in savannah, ga. it just seems like such a southern type look to me - yes, so full of character and unique! can't wait to see more and all the renos. post before and afters. those are the best! :))

    hoping these wks of moving and transition go smoothly and you all are settled and feeling at home in no time at all.