Saturday, July 13, 2013

Here are two of my favorite pictures from Lily Kate's birthday.  She had such a fun time!  Lydia gave her a Hershey bar with her gift and I think it was her favorite! 
The reality of our move has hit me this week!  The movers are coming next week and we are working on getting things together and organized to take with us for the short time we will be in the hotel before we get into our new house.  The homeowner has agreed to let us paint once we're there so that will be so nice to get that done before our furniture etc. is delivered. 
I am super excited about our new house!  I will post pictures of it before we start working on it because it will be fun to see the progress.
This is our third move in four years and we are really hoping it will be our last for quite a while!
Lydia took these pictures of Annie last Sunday.  I love a dark-haired baby in white!

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  1. I hope your move goes smoothly and you get settled in quickly. Your children are beautiful.

    I moved here from Xanga, and my blogspot blog is here:

    I hope we can keep in touch.