Friday, October 18, 2013

Kitchen Renovation~

We are finally about 98% complete with our kitchen renovation!  It has been quite the undertaking, but I owe the vast majority of the credit to my husband, Scott, who worked so hard on it!  Scott laid a new floor, built the island, refinished the cabinets, poured and finished the concrete countertops, installed the new fridge and stove, and completely reworked the Butler's pantry to fit our fridge. 
This is what the kitchen looked like before the reno~
(pretty bad, isn't it?!)

Below is a view from the dining room (which hadn't been painted or had flooring put down yet).

The doorway below is to the Butler's pantry.  That is where we put the fridge and Scott put in a new door on the other wall of the pantry.

And this is what the (almost) finished product looks like now!

We will hopefully, eventually replace the overhead lighting with some type of hanging lighting over the island.

We decided to keep the original cabinets because they are so well-made and we really like the shelves; plus, I am a fan of keeping old things when possible.

In the picture below, you can see where our dishwasher will go to the right of the sink.

The front of the island is an old door and some wooden beams Scott found in the attic. 

Scott made the chalkboard (below) out of old wood he found in the garage.

Well, that's it!  We are so glad it's (almost) done!


  1. Way to go, Scott and Co.! It's beautiful!

  2. I LOVE your new kitchen! The before and after...what a difference!

  3. oh, wow! i can't believe the transformation.. i LOVE before and after pics where you really see the difference. though i think those floors were kinda fun. ;)) beautiful results. happy for you~ i'm sure it's lots more fun cooking now!! xo

  4. Love the reno! The white cabinets really open it up and you can never go wrong with an awesome island!