Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunday I told Lily Kate that I wanted to take her picture in front of the tree.  She thinks posing requires ballet. :)


  1. Of course, she does! She's an Abigail protégé! :-D

  2. very sweet. and she looks like she has those curtsies down well.

    can you send me your new address when you get a sec.
    i looked for a message box here but couldn't find one.~

    hope you all are enjoying christmas in your new place. xo

  3. Hello Kellie!!!!!! I am so excited to have found your new blog! Your beautiful family has grown so much, and looks to be doing well. I look forward to reconnecting. It has been so long since I have blogged...now that Xanga isn't working, I have to figure out how to create a new one. May 2014 be a year filled with blessings in your new home! xo, Deborah (blessingsofabigfamily)

    1. Hi Deborah! I'm glad you found me! Do you have a new blog?

    2. Not yet. When I left my comment I was linked to a blog I tried to start awhile back but had forgotten all about. Maybe I will blog there. When I work it out, I will let you know. Hope y'all are staying warm. :-) It sure is cold here in PA today. Take care!